North America 2014 Teachings by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will visit North America in October, 2014! Please join our email list to stay updated on his schedule – more will be added soon. Also see the notes below the calendar, or click on a calendar event for some more information.


October 2–5 (Thur-Sun), Keystone: Translation and Transmission Conference (Oct. 4, Plenary Session: Transmission) Tsadra Foundation, Keystone, CO (registration is now closed for this event).

October 6 (Mon), 7:30 pm, Denver: Resting the Mind in the Age of Facebook, Padmasambhava Meditation Center, 1900 South Cook St., Denver, CO.

October 8 & 15 (Weds), BoulderTalks to Tantrikas (restricted), Shambhala Boulder, Boulder, CO.

October 10–12 (Fri–Sun), Crestone: Mahamudra Meditation Retreat, Bodhicharya North America, Crestone, CO. Some spaces are still available; please register soon.

October 14 (Tue), 6:30 pm, Boulder: Practicing Love, Compassion, and Devotion with Non-Attachment, Naropa University, Nalanda Campus (Arapahoe & 63rd); Hosted by Nalandabodhi Boulder; co-sponsored by Nalandabodhi, Bodhicharya, and Naropa University.

October 16–19, Boulder  Radical Compassion Conference (Oct. 17 & 18), Naropa University, Boulder, CO. Fri-Sun, 8 am: morning meditation; Friday, 3:15-4:45 pm: Suffering: Gateway to Compassion; and Saturday, 11–12:30 am: Lojong: Teachings and Practices on Compassion in Everyday Life.


October 21–22 (Tues–Wed), Hancock, The Eightfold Noble Path: Vajra Vidya Downeast, Hancock, Maine (email: [email protected]). This event is full to capacity and registration is closed.


October 23 (Thur), 7 pm, New York: Resting the Mind in the Age of Facebook! Rigpa New York .

October 24-26 (Fri–Sun): Confusion Arises as Wisdom: Gampopa’s Heart Advice on the Path of Mahamudra, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (North American seat of HH Gyalwang Karmapa). Woodstock, NY.

October 27 (Mon): Public Teaching: Tsurpu Goshir Dharma Center, Brooklyn (topic and registration will be posted when available).