North America 2018 Teachings by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will give teachings in North America in November, 2018, at the following centers (times are tentative) – also see the Calendar below.

Contact Bodhicharya North America with general questions ([email protected]), or the individual centers where he will teach – more information will be added as available.

Nov 2-4, Bodhicharya North America, Crestone, CO. Note that housing will NOT be available at the Colorado College Baca campus this year.

Nov 6, Shambhala Boulder, Boulder, CO (for Tantrikas Only),

Nov 7, Rime Society, Boulder, CO,

Nov 8, Place to Sit, Boulder, CO,

Nov 10, Contuit, Cape Cod, MA

Nov 11, Boston KKSG, Boston, MA

Nov 13 or 14, Wisdom Seat, PA, Location TBD,

Nov 15, Westchester Buddhist Society, NY, Location TBD,

Nov 16-18, KTD, Woodstock, NY,

Nov 19, Albany KTC, Albany, NY,

Nov 23-24, Vajra Vidya Downeast, Hancock, ME,