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North America 2019 Teachings of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s teaching schedule in North America in October 2019. SEE THE LIST BELOW THE CALENDAR. Please contact us with any questions.

Select the WEEK VIEW on the calendar for more details. A general outline is below


Oct 4 (Fri), at Westchester Buddhist Center, Westchester, NY: Cheer Up! The Dharma of the Naturally Joyful Mind

Oct 5 (Sat), at The Wisdom Seat, Swarthmore, PA: Intelligent Heart: Devotion in the Buddhist Path

Oct 6 (Sun), at Shambhala Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA: Community Talk

Oct 8-9 (Tue-Wed), at Nalandabodhi Boulder, Boulder, CO: Buddhism in the 21st Century: Sustaining Devotion & Sacred Outlook in a Confused World

Oct 10 (Thur), Shambhala Denver: Community as the Third Jewel

Oct 11-12 (Fri-Sat), at Shambhala Boulder: Meeting Challenges: Obstacles as the Stepping Stones to Enlightenment

Oct 13 (Sun), at Shambhala Boulder: Finding Treasure: the Terma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism (for tantrikas)

Oct 16 (Tue), at Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ: Mind Training: How to Train the Mind for Success in All Areas of Life

Oct 22-23 (Tue-Wed), at Vajra Vidya Downeast, Hancock, ME

Oct 24 (Thur), at Boston Karma Kagyu Group, Boston, MA: Attaining Meditative Stability (register here)

Oct. 26 (Sat), at KKSG Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA: Confusion Arises as Wisdom

Oct. 27 (Sun), at Rigpa NYC, New York, NY: How to Practice Devotion in the Modern World?

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