Bliss/Emptiness Retreat, Crestone, CO, Nov 6-8, 2015

Length: 7 hr; Format: Audio/Video; Recording Quality: Excellent.

Video – note the playlist to the left of the time:

[s3video s3url=”2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Fri PM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Sat AM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Sat AM 002_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SAT PM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SAT PM 002_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SUN AM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SUN PM 002_YouTube_720p.mp4″ splash=”” hidepoweredby=”yes” responsive=”on” /]

See playlist to left of time.

Audio – note the playlist to the left of the time:

[s3audio s3url=”2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/Fri PM 001_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/Sat AM 001_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/Sat AM 002_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/SAT PM 001_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/SAT PM 002_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/SUN AM 001_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/audio/SUN PM 002_MP3_128kbit_44kHz_MONO.mp3″ responsive=”on” /]

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Crestone Bliss-Emptiness Retreat Video Cover



Tashi Goman Stupa_Flickr - AmyTrippMyer

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will teach in Crestone Colorado, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, November 6–8, 2015.

We have requested Rinpoche to teach on the topic of Bliss/Emptiness.

Schedule: Friday evening (7-9), Saturday (9-12 and 2-5), Sunday (9-11 and 1-3)




$150 for the Weekend
$80 – two nights lodging


Location: The teachings will be given at the Colorado College BACA Campus, Crestone, CO. See the location of the Colorado College BACA Campus.

Lunches: Lunches are available nearby the venue at Desert Sage Restaurant. (The group buffet option is no longer available.).

Lodging is available in Colorado College dorm rooms (3 beds to a room); a shared kitchen is available (linens provided).

Hearing impaired? The teachings will be transmitted on-site on FM radio frequency. Bring a Walkman-type FM radio with head phones to plug into the sound system.

In need of a assistance? Apply for a scholarship here (please apply as early as possible, as funds are limited).

Coordinate with others – see the Ride and Room Share Forum

Travel: Crestone, Colorado, on: Google Maps, Map Quest, Bing, Yahoo

Other Lodging Options: Other options for lodging are advertised on the websites and forums below:

Food Options

Photo credit: Amy Tripp Myers, Tashi Gomang Stupa, Crestone, on annular solar elicpse of April 20, 2012, Flickr.[s3video s3url=”2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Fri%20PM%20001_YouTube_720p.mp4″ /]