Mahamudra Teachings in Crestone CO, Oct 10–12, 2014

Crestone StupaRingu Tulku Rinpoche will teach on Zang Tha Le, the quintessence of Mahamudra meditation, in Crestone Colorado, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, October 10–12, 2014.

Zang Tha Le

It is said that Gampopa had a zang tal experience on hearing the name “Milarepa”: every hair stood on end and he knew through every pore of his skin.

“It’s not an intellectual way of seeing, because even if you can see intellectually, ‘I am emptiness’, and if it’s correct, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t liberate you because it’s just a concept. …we are talking about seeing in an experiential way. Of course, to have real experience you have to practice. This is how to practice.” Ringu Tulku

“It’s how to use Tamal Kyi Shepa (your present wakefulness at the moment of recognizing). Don’t go outside, don’t stay inside, don’t remain in between — aim your rifle at the sky.” Tulku Urgyen

“What’s being worked with here is attachment to meditation itself”. Thrangu Rinpoche

Rinpoche will introduce the essence of mahamudra practice, and will help us integrate the Buddhist teachings with our daily practice.

Uncontrived – Natural – At ease – As it is



$100 on or before 9/14 (deadline extended!)
$150 after 14 Sep
$24 – two lunches



Schedule: Friday evening (7-9), Saturday (9-12 and 2-5), Sunday (9-11 and 1-3)

Location: The teachings will be given at the Colorado College BACA Campus, Crestone, CO; the venue can hold up to 70-100 people. See the location of the Colorado College BACA Campus

Travel: Crestone, Colorado, on: Google Maps, Map Quest, Bing, Yahoo

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QUOTES, from Confusion Arises as Wisdom

“For liberation to occur, there must be a personal experience that affects us deeply enough to change the way we behave” p50

“Most of our experience is our concepts, and they can be changed” p55

“All the teacher can do is show how to learn for yourself”  p92

” Experiencing basic awareness, not aware of anything – coemergent wisdom is just being aware”  p153

“View is experiential” p160

“Emptiness is a way of experiencing when there is no grasping and no urge to grasp” p179

“You can’t save someone who is drowning if you don’t know how to swim” p193

Baca Grande, Crestone COImage Credits: Crestone Stupa from Making 100,000 Stupas in Crestone, KTD Blog,