Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, November 2016 in North America

IMGP6090cr BMC 2009 3x4Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will teach throughout North America in November, 2016. Note that Rinpoche may not travel to North America in 2017. Please contact centers directly (or contact Bodhicharya) for more information.


  • Oct 31 (Mon), St. Johns, Antigua and Barbados Museum, 5 pm: ‘What our hearts really seek for – and a way to find it’
  • Nov 1 (Tue), One-Day Retreat
  • Nov 2 (Wed), Falmouth, Bodhicharya Meditation Centre, 5 pm: How to transform ourselves so that we let go of suffering and find the ‘noble happiness’

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  • Nov 11-15 (Fri-Tue): San Luis Potosi, Mexico; Ringu Tulku Mexico: Green Tara Retreat, Nov. 11-13; Vajrasattva Retreat, Nov. 12-15


We are forever grateful to Rinpoche for his generosity to teach and to travel non-stop around the globe, sharing his wisdom and enriching our lives and our communities.

Take note that Rinpoche will not visit North America during 2017 due to other commitments. Please take advantage of opportunities to see him this year.

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PS. To hear recent teachings by Rinpoche in Europe, or too see his worldwide schedule, visit the main Bodhicharya website: Teachings, Schedule