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Love, Compassion and Devotion with Non-Attachment, Boulder, Oct. 14, 2014

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Ringu Tulku Rinpoche spoke on Love, Compassion and Devotion in a talk co-sponsored by Nalandabodhi West, Naropa University, and Bodhicharya North America, and delivered at Naropa.

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4.50  If we are less attached we become more pure. Love with too many conditions is harmful. We all have love in our heart, but how do we express and use that love?

From a Buddhist point of view we can train.

6.33 The difference between love and attachment:

Love is a strong feeling of good will towards others.

Attachment is not only about the other person but me, I am more important.

We try to make love unconditional. It does not matter what the other person  does or does not do.

9.30 Story of Akbar (sp?) and Bilbar (sp?). Beauty is seen from each person’s perspective ( eg. grandchildren) . Those we love we see beautifully but not too much others.

It is important to generate loving kindness and compassion, and to understand that everybody is like myself. Everybody wants to be free from suffering , happy, joyful, loved, cared for, and free from pain.

If I really see that I am like everybody else, it is easier to have compassion for those less well off. Sometimes it is difficult to have compassion for those in a better situation than myself.

We have a capacity for love and compassion so that we can feel the importance of others more than my own personal wellbeing.

22.5 Sometimes we are a little too sensitive ( is it good or bad for me) and less sensitive how my actions effect others. If I focus more on what I can do, then life is more meaningful and I am more happy.

35.0 Buddha saying:

Sufferings come from thinking of self, happiness comes from wishing well for others. The main thing is how I focus my mind.

40.1 Devotion is not about loyalty, but about inspiration, aspiration and certainty.

Inspiration- something ( eg. book or teaching) inspires you, touches you as truth.

Aspiration- I want to actualize that truth, become like that.

Certainty- I have no doubt.

51-5 Impermanence, interdependence, emptiness

Impermanence, there is no time that things don’t change, when I see this it helps to not cling to things too much.

Interdependence, when I understand this it is difficult to blame one person or thing.

Emptiness- because everything is dependently arising, there is no thing existing truly on its own. There is nothing to hold onto, everything flows, like a river.

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RTR Poster for Naropa TalkRingu Tulku Rinpoche will speak at Naropa University on Tuesday evening, Oct. 14, on “Practicing Love, Compassion and Devotion with Non-Attachment.

Doors open at 6 pm, meditation at 6:30 pm, and the talk starts at 7 pm.

$15 / $5 for Students. Please join us!

At the Nalanda Campus of Naropa University, located at Arapahoe and 63rd.

For more information, see the post on the Nalandabodhi Website.

RTR Poster for Naropa Talk FULL

Rinpoche’s talk will be hosted by Nalandabodhi, and co-sponsored by Naropa University and Bodhicharya.

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