Four Yogas of Mahamudra, Weekend Retreat in Crestone, CO, Nov 18-20, 2016

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will teach on the Four Yogas of Mahamudra, in Crestone, Colorado, on the weekend of Nov 18-20, 2016.

The Four Yogas of Mahamudra can be understood on many levels from the basic essential teachings of the buddha dharma to the highest teachings we can experience.  With this understanding, Rinpoche will guide us in his inimitable style with stories, humor and deep knowledge.

Rinpoche discusses the Four Yogas of Mahamudra in his text Like Dreams and Clouds (available from Bodhicharya), as four stages in the teaching, of developing (1) one-pointedness; (2) simplicity; (3) one taste; and (4) no-meditation (see Like Dreams and Clouds: Emptiness and Interdependence, Mahamudra and Dzogchen, pp. 45-49).

Schedule: Friday evening (7-9), Saturday (9-12 and 2-5), Sunday (9-11 and 1-3)

Tashi Goman Stupa_Flickr - AmyTrippMyer


Teaching: $120 before Oct 15,
$150 after Oct. 15

Lodging: $80 – for Fri and Sat nights
(currently available)

Group Buffet Lunch
(orders closed on Nov. 10)


Location: The teachings will be given at the Colorado College BACA Campus, Crestone, CO. See the location of the Colorado College BACA Campus.

Lunches: A group buffet option is available – see link above.

Lodging: is available in dorm rooms of the Baca Campus of Colorado College (3 beds to a room); a shared kitchen is available (linens provided). See link above.

Hearing impaired? The teachings will be transmitted on-site on FM radio frequency. Bring a Walkman-type FM radio with head phones to plug into the sound system.

In need of a assistance? Apply for a scholarship here (please apply by October 15, 2016).

Coordinate with others – see the Ride and Room Share Forum

Travel: Crestone, Colorado, on: Google Maps, Map Quest, Bing, Yahoo

Other Lodging Options: Other options for lodging are advertised on the websites and forums below:

Food Options

      • Dessert Sage (a lunch plan is available – see above)
      • Lotus Cafe – across from Elephant Cloud grocery
      • Bob’s (breakfast and lunch), across from the Mercantile
      • Crestone Mercantile (food store)

Photo credit: Amy Tripp Myers, Tashi Gomang Stupa, Crestone, on annular solar elicpse of April 20, 2012, Flickr.