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Boundless Generosity

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in Tibet credit Francois redThose of us who were around Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on his recent visit to North America always notice Rinpoche’s immediate and complete generosity. He used to say many times that love can be given all the time and to all beings as it has no limits. We can’t run out of love. That is what he represents.

There are many ways in which Rinpoche emanates his loving kindness. He offers the gift of dharma, according to the Buddhist teachings, the highest of all gifts one can give. He offers his time to everybody equally, and without discrimination. He is humble and as non-assuming as it gets. And his wisdom is precise–he knows how to address diverse groups of truth-seeking beings.

He builds places where Buddha dharma is taught and learned, and where practitioners of all kinds find shelter. His meditation center in Sikkim hosted the first and so far only traditional three year Buddhist retreat for western students in India. The cost of this retreat could not even cover the basic expenses of supporting the retreatants, so Rinpoche and his family offer their own support. That is very rare today.

Rinpoche’s monastery in Eastern Tibet called Rigul Monastery, educates Buddhist scholars and school children. All receive a warm meal each day, and medical attention from a doctor and nurse at the small monastery clinic. Rinpoche and his family also support this project.

Rinpoche’s sangha, called Bodhicharya, is largely in Europe, but he also has many students in America as well, and friends.That’s us!

If you feel inspired by Rinpoche’s generosity, and are in a situation to help, please support these meaningful projects so that Rinpoche’s activities throughout the world can operate smoothly. And please support and receive Rinpoche when he visits North America next year, as he has promised to do.

This is how you can do that … see Bodhicharya NA – Opportunities to Give.

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Image credit: Francois, of Rigul Trust

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