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RTR - FB Bodhicharya Berlin 6Nov14 crDid you read the post Boundless Generosity? Please do, and then consider …

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche taught tirelessly during his visit to the US in October – we thank everyone who assisted and helped with his tour! Audio and video recordings of several of the teachings will be available on our website; please stay tuned!

If you are moved by Rinpoche’s teachings, please consider a gift to support his many projects worldwide. Your donations to Bodhicharya North America are tax deductible.

Donate to Bodhicharya


Donations can be designated for:

  • Where needed most
  • Rinpoche’s North America teaching tours
  • Bodhicharya International activities (please specify if designating a specific activity)
  • Rigul Trust fund. Rigul Trust (a UK charity) supports Rigul Monastery in Tibet, including the school, medical clinic, and shedra

If you wish to contribute with your time, please consider the needs below, or let us know of your skills. We can always use your help, for example,

  • Indexing audio teachings
  • Writing posts for the website or newsletter
  • Creating graphics
  • Develop an image archive

See more ideas at How to Help on the website.

How to Help


Image credit: Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in Berlin, November, 2014, from Facebook