Support for Nepal – Grassroots and Buddhist Relief Efforts in Need of Funding

Nepal EarthquakeGrassroots organizations in Nepal are in dire need of your support in the wake of the April 2015 earthquake. Bodhicharya has identified a handful or organizations that could use your support. We have noted some as US-based 501c3 (tax deductible). Please verify this list; Bodhicharya does not endorse any particular organization. Please respond with any comments or feedback.

Buddhist Organizations with Projects in Nepal

Health and Humanitarian Organizations with Projects in Nepal

Some slightly larger organizations

Some Good Resources

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche has many connections in Nepal, including family members living in Kathmandu – Please read this post on the Ireland Bodhicharya blog for more information.

Image Credit: photo by SIM Central and Southeast Asia, on Flickr, non-commercial share license

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche’s brother Salga and artists from Kathmandu, during their work on the Bodhicharya Meditation Center, Sikkim:

Salga and artists