Short Snippets of Teachings on Various Topics

This page includes some short ‘snippets’ of teachings by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on various topics

On Euthanasia and Dying, 5:08 min (at Vajra Vidya, Maine, November 27 pm, 2015) (Also on You Tube)

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Buddhist point of view is that one never encourages suicide but it is possible to transfer yourself by Powa. When there is no other way and you have done everything possible to cure a disease, then it is not like killing. Reservations about making euthanasia legal,because it could be misused.

The Golden Deer, 9:44 min (at San Luis Potosi, Mexico; November 18, 2015)

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Golden Deer was the leader of one of two groups of deer. King was killing one deer from each group on alternate days. A doe came to the Golden deer and explained that although it was her turn and she didn’t mind dying, she had a baby in her womb, and wanted to wait a little time, so that her baby might live. Golden deer volunteered himself instead of the doe, to the king. The king did not want to kill the golden deer, and eventually the Golden deer was able to persuade the king not to kill any of his group of deer, the other group of deer, animals, fish or birds. Premise was that all living beings want to live in peace and don’t want to die. The king agreed to the Golden deer’s requests on the condition that the Golden deer became advisor to the king.

The Dead Mouse, 9:37 min (at San Luis Potosi, Mexico; November 19, 2015)

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A Bodhisattva was jobless in a city. He overheard the prime minister saying that even a dead mouse can make you a fortune. He came across a dead mouse, and traded it for coins, bought sweets, flowers, bought and sold grass for horses, then jewels etc. and in this way accumulated a lot of money. He gave half of his money to the prime minister with thanks and gratitude for his advice. He went on to become the son in law of the prime minister, and finally became prime minister himself. This is an example of both sides benefitting, and no cheating.

Story of Nasrudin, 6:32 min (at KTD, NY, November 21, 2015)

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Muslim sufi master was generally well received in this village, but on this occasion people were avoiding him. They had very little water themselves as a result of a drought. The sufi master had them accumulate all their water, then he used it to wash his shirt . As he was drying out his shirt the sky became dark, and a downpour started. The people thought he was creating a miracle, but he responded that it usually rained when he tried to dry his shirt!