Riding Stormy Waves: Victory Over the Maras


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Riding Stormy Waves Riding Stormy Waves is a commentary by Ringu Tulku on a text by the great 19th Century Tibetan Lama and teacher, Patrul Rinpoche, called ‘Victory over the Maras.’ It looks at what the maras are: all the obstacles, hindrances and set-backs that occur in our lives. They are listed and described – including the ‘Secret’ and even ‘Top Secret’ maras! Once we understand how to view the difficult things that happen in our life, specific antidotes and remedies are given to help us clear them, so we can move on, unhindered. The ultimate remedy is to understand, experientially, the wisdom of how things really exist, the wisdom of emptiness.


‘If somebody is wise and understands transcendental wisdom,
and has an experience of looking into that, that person becomes like
a bird in the sky: nothing can obstruct them from going through.
So, therefore, no maras can be of any obstruction to them.’

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