Dealing with Emotions: Scattering the clouds


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Heat Wisdom - Dealing with EmotionsThis volume looks at our emotions, how they cause problems and how more positive counterparts can be brought out.  It gives us ways to deal with emotions and teaches us how we can ultimately transform them to reveal our innate wisdom.

‘Through developing a clear and positive attitude, and practising meditation, we can train to work with emotions as they arise.  We can use different techniques to release and transform emotions.  We can learn to generate the opposite feeling, or see the illusory nature of things, including our emotions, or learn how to directly relax into emotions themselves.

The most important thing to learn is that you do not have to react with aversion or attachment.  When you learn that in a practical way, you are free.  You are not the slave of your emotions; you are not the slave of anything.’

The Heart Wisdom series aims to make the teachings of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche available to a wider audience, by bringing his oral teachings to the written page.

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