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Openness and Brilliance, Boulder, CO, Tuesday Nov 3, 2015

Length: 1 hr 35 min; Format: audio; Recording Quality: Very good.

On the importance of Rime. Rinpoche speaks for about 1 hour, followed by Questions and Answer. (A transcript of this teaching is available – please contact us.) 

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Available upon request. Please contact us.

Openness and Brilliance: Non-Sectarian Buddhism as Global Medicine

RTR RimeA Talk by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

The Ri-mé (Non-Sectarian) Movement of 19th Century Tibet gave rise to a major resurgence of spiritual practice and teaching, and had a profound influence on culture and society. Many of the greatest, most brilliant teachers of Tibetan Buddhism arose from the matrix of this spiritual awakening.  It continues today.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche will speak on the spiritual insights of the Ri-mé Movement, on the remarkable personalities associated with it, and on the vital relevance of Ri-mé for today’s world of sectarian discord.

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche is a teacher of great warmth, eloquence and learning. Rinpoche authored The Ri-me Philosophy of Jamgon Kongtrul the Great: A Study of the Buddhist Lineages of Tibet, and several other titles.  Since 1990 he has been traveling and teaching Buddhism and meditation in Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia. He is the founder of Bodhicharya ( Rinpoche is the Official Representative of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa for Europe.

Date and time:  Tuesday, Nov. 3,  7 p.m.

Place:  First Congregational Church, Plymouth Hall, 1128 Pine St., (SE corner of Broadway & Pine), Boulder, Colo.

Cost: $20 pre-program online registration; $25 at the door

To register online, go to

For information, please email: [email protected]

 Sarva Mangalam – May All be Virtuous

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