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New Title from Bodhicharya: Parables from the Heart

Parables of the HeartBodhicharya Publications has released Ringu Tulku’s latest book. ‘Parables from the Heart: Teachings in the Tibetan Oral Tradition’, which brings together a collection of Rinpoche’s favorite stories, told over many years. Every aspect of the Dharma is covered by these simple, engaging and often humorous tales. Ringu Tulku’s skill in engaging his audience shines through the stories, appealing to both long-standing Dharma practitioners and those who are just setting out on the path. The volume includes a special interview with Ringu Tulku about the use of stories as teachings

The stories were collated and edited by Rinpoche’s students in the UK, Pat Little and Mary Heneghan; Conrad Harvey added line drawings for illustration, Paul O-Connor provided the graphic design, and Rachel Moffit coordinated printing and distribution.As always, the book’s production is a real team effort, with Paul O’Connor providing the graphic design and Rachel Moffitt co-ordinating the printing and distribution.

Bodhicharya North America offers a heartfelt thanks to Rinpoche and to all those involved in producing the volume, and their generosity in providing the text for printing in North America.

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