Fearlessness, and Steps Leading to Wisdom, Vajra Vidya Downeast, Maine, Nov. 8-9, 2016

Vajra Vidya Maine

Length: 4 hr; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent.  Rinpoche taught on “Fear and Fearlessness” (1 talk) and on “Steps Leading to Wisdom, and The Wisdom” (2 talks), at Vajra Vidya Down East. A transcription from students at Vajra Vidya is forthcoming. … Continue reading

The Noble Eightfold Path, Vajra Vidya, Maine, Oct. 21-22, 2014

Daring Steps

Length: 7.5 hr; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent Rinpoche taught for 2 days on the Noble Eightfold Path at Vajra Vidya Downeast, in Hancock Maine. Teaching 1 Teaching 2 Teaching 3 Teaching 4 Download a Zip File of all Four … Continue reading