Finding the Buddha Within, Vajra Vidya Down East, Maine, Nov 27-28, 2015

Length: 6 hr; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent. Rinpoche spoke on ‘Finding the Buddha Within’, at Vajra Vidya Down East, in Hancock Maine. Playlist of the Four TeachingsĀ  (click on playlist to left of time counter to see all the … Continue reading

Six Paramitas, Vajra Vidya Down East, Maine, Sep 5, 2010

Length: 8 hr; Format: audio; Recording Quality: Fair. A teaching on the Mahayana, and on the Six Paramitas, given in four talks (see the playlist to the right of the play button). [s3audio s3url=”2010-09-05_Six-Paramitas_VVDE-Maine_A-8hr/audio/1-VVDE_09_3_2010-RTR-1_Intro-Mahayana-Bodhicitta-vol-inc.mp3,2010-09-05_Six-Paramitas_VVDE-Maine_A-8hr/audio/2-VVDE_09_4_2010-RTR-2_Mahayana-vol-incr.mp3,2010-09-05_Six-Paramitas_VVDE-Maine_A-8hr/audio/3-VVDE_09_4_2010-RTR-3_Six-Paramitas-vol-inc.mp3,2010-09-05_Six-Paramitas_VVDE-Maine_A-8hr/audio/4-VVDE_09_5_2010-RTR-4_Six-Paramitas-vol-inc.mp3″ hidepoweredby=”yes” /]   Download: [s3file s3url=”2010-09-05_Six-Paramitas_VVDE-Maine_A-8hr/audio/1-VVDE_09_3_2010-RTR-1_Intro-Mahayana-Bodhicitta-vol-inc.mp3″ … Continue reading