Finding the Buddha Within, Vajra Vidya Down East, Maine, Nov 27-28, 2015

Length: 6 hr; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent. Rinpoche spoke on ‘Finding the Buddha Within’, at Vajra Vidya Down East, in Hancock Maine. Playlist of the Four TeachingsĀ  (click on playlist to left of time counter to see all the … Continue reading

Love, Compassion, and Devotion with Non-Attachment, Westchester, NY, Nov 24, 2015

Length: 2 hr; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent. Rinpoche spoke on Love, Compassion, and Devotion with Non-Attachment, at the Westchester Buddhist Center, Westchester, NY. [s3audio s3url=”2015-11-24_Love-Compassion-Nonattachment_Westchester-NY_A-2hr/2015-11-24-LoveCompassionAndDevotionWithNonAttachment-Westchester-NY-US-trimmed.mp3″ responsive=”on” /] [s3file s3url=”2015-11-24_Love-Compassion-Nonattachment_Westchester-NY_A-2hr/2015-11-24-LoveCompassionAndDevotionWithNonAttachment-Westchester-NY-US-trimmed.mp3″ ]Download File[/s3file] Summary of the Teaching For most of us, … Continue reading

Q & A, at KTC, New York, Nov 23, 2015

Length: 1 hr 30 min; Format: Audio; Recording Quality: Excellent. Rinpoche answered questions at Kagyu Thubten Choling, in Wappingers Falls, New York. [s3audio s3url=”2015-11-23_Q-and-A_KTC-NY_A-1hr/RinguTulku-QuestionAnswerSession-11-23-15-trimmed.mp3″ responsive=”on” /] [s3file s3url=”2015-11-23_Q-and-A_KTC-NY_A-1hr/RinguTulku-QuestionAnswerSession-11-23-15-trimmed.mp3″ newtab=”yes” ]Download File[/s3file] HH Gyalwang Karmapa, teaching in the KTC shrineroom, 2011 … Continue reading

Tibet-Himalaya Initiative, University of Colorado, Boulder, Nov 11, 2015

Rinpoche participated in the Official Launch of the Tibet-Himalaya Initiative at the the University of Colorado. The event included a panel discussion of translation issues, involving CU graduate students, faculty, and invited guests. See the full post here: Official Launch … Continue reading

Bliss/Emptiness Retreat, Crestone, CO, Nov 6-8, 2015

Crestone Bliss-Emptiness Retreat Video Cover

Length: 7 hr; Format: Audio/Video; Recording Quality: Excellent. Video – note the playlist to the left of the time: [s3video s3url=”2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Fri PM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Sat AM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/Sat AM 002_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SAT PM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SAT PM 002_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SUN AM 001_YouTube_720p.mp4, 2015-11-06-08_Bliss-Emptiness_Crestone-CO_AV-8hr/video/SUN PM … Continue reading

Bodhisattva Path and Vow Ceremony, Boulder, CO, Nov. 4, 2015

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche

Length: 1 hr 15 min; Format: audio; Recording Quality: Excellent. Rinpoche speaks on the Path of the Bodhisattva, and confers the Bodhisattva Vow, at Nalandabodhi Boulder. Version 1 (recorded by Nalandabodhi) [s3audio s3url=”2015-11-04_Bodhisattva-Path_Nalandabodhi-CO_A-2hr/RTR-Bodhisattva-Vows-11-04-2015_NalandabodhiRecording.mp3″ hidepoweredby=”yes” responsive=”on” /] [s3file s3url=”2015-11-04_Bodhisattva-Path_Nalandabodhi-CO_A-2hr/RTR-Bodhisattva-Vows-11-04-2015_NalandabodhiRecording.mp3″ newtab=”yes” ]Download … Continue reading